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Summer School Policy

In this virtual setting, attendance will not be taken. However, there will be a few (possibly weekly or every two weeks) scheduled zooms for the original credit courses for which students must attend. If a student must miss a class zoom, he/she can work out make up with his or her teacher.

Technology Requirements and Agreements
By registering for summer school you agree to the following:

For original credit courses: Google Classroom, Zoom, and Google Meets will be the primary tools for virtual learning. By registering for summer school, you agree to use all these formats for learning.

For Credit Recovery: All courses will be delivered using Edgenuity.

All students signing up for summer school must have a computer with Internet Access.

Student Conduct:
All policies/procedures stated in the LISD current Student and Parent Handbook ( are in effect during summer school. As part of our efforts to ensure a drug-free school, LISD uses trained dogs to sniff out and alert to the current presence of concealed prohibited items, illicit substances (as defined in FNCF (LEGAL)), as well as alcohol. Any major infraction, i.e. tobacco, alcohol, drug infractions, etc., will result in immediate disciplinary action, which may include removal. No refunds will be given.

Course Credit:
Note: Credit toward graduation will be awarded for a grade equal to or above 70. Courses taken for High School credit will count towards the student's GPA. Students in online credit recovery in the afternoon sessions only will receive a grade of P for a passing score upon course completion.

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