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Leander ISD High School Student Transfer Application Terms and Conditions

*(Please Read These Conditions for High School Student Transfers – Indicate Your Agreement and Understanding on the main page)


If approved, transfers at the high school level will be for all four years, PROVIDED that:

(Please Read These Conditions):

All transfers will be assessed a $30 non-refundable processing fee, with the exception of “program” determined transfers, confirmed by the appropriate department designee.  Processing fee does not guarantee approval of transfer.

Transfers will be made subject to space being available at the campus and grade level.

The transfer student must be in compliance with the attendance laws as outlined in the Student and Parent Handbook, or the transfer may be revoked. (

The transfer student must also maintain a good discipline record (no serious infraction which would result in a hearing and/or persistent violations of the Student Code of Conduct).  Multiple transfers in the same year will most often not be approved.

Enrollment in a unique program (IB Program, for example) will be confirmed each school year, and transfer approval will be voided if child is not enrolled, and he/she will be returned to his/her home campus.

Transportation to and from school will be the responsibility of the parent or legal guardian, unless enrolled in the IB Program at LHS, or the transfer is determined to be a “program” transfer.

By his or her acknowledgement on this form, the parent or legal guardian provides assurance that the requested transfer is not for the purpose of participating in any UIL activity, or any other activity governed by UIL rules and regulations, whether or not under UIL sanctions, and that no recruiting or tampering has occurred in violation of UIL rules and regulations.

Some programs are centralized at certain campuses and transfers will not be approved into a campus that does not offer any required programming that a child needs, or that does not have space availability in the program..  Please note:  It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to ascertain program availability at the desired campus prior to requesting an intra-district student transfer.

Transfers to other high schools in the district are not approved for students attending a newly constructed high school for the first two years it is open.  Please refer to ( for current attendance zones.

For a list of campuses currently accepting transfers, please refer to: or contact the campus directly.

Notification of Athletic Eligibility Requirements:
High school athletic eligibility is based on attending the high school to which the child is zoned.  Students transferring between high schools within the Leander School District will lose one calendar year of eligibility for sub-varsity and varsity athletics, meaning student athletes not attending their zoned high school must “sit out” of sports for one calendar year to establish eligibility.  At this time, transferring students involved in all other UIL activities will be eligible immediately.  
I have read the above statement and understand that should my child wish to participate in sports, he/she will not be eligible to play for one calendar year for sub-varsity and varsity athletics.  *There are extremely limited exceptions to this, to read them, please refer to or call athletics for a printed version (570-0170).

Parent/guardian and student agree that the request for an Intra-District transfer is made with a full understanding of and agreement to all of the above conditions.